Harmon Hinge

Harmon Hinge installed in a pocketing door

The Wilmette Hardware Harmon Hinge allows an architect, millworker or designer to create a clean pocketed opening in his millwork plan. This hinge is also referred to as a pocketed pivot hinge. When the door is in the open position it is contained in a pocketed section of the millwork creating a concealed panel. In both the open and closed position no hinge 'barrel' projects further than the face of the door.

Our hinge is made of solid brass and contains special needle bearings that permit the door to move smoothly without wear. We typically recommend our integrated ball catch or stop so that no other exposed ball catch strike plates or hardware are visible. Download a detailed PDF Diagram of the 1.75" Harmon Hinge.


the Harmon Hinge

Harmon HingeHarmon HingesHarmon Hinge

Currently in production: harmon hinge

original sketch
The Harmon Hinge is very specialized piece of architectural hardware that we offer at Wilmette Hardware. Our finishing and plating on this and all of our hardware is unsurpassed.

If you have any questions about functionality, construction or installation do not hesitate to contact us by phone 888.592.3876 or by email info@wilmettehardware.com.


Harmon Hinge by Al Bar
Details to consider discussing with us:

  • offset measurements, details & drawings
  • finish preference
  • screw length (based on your door thickness)
  • options such as dummy latches, cupboard latches & other cabinet hardware
  • available for 1 3/8”, 1 ¾”, 2” and 2 ¼” door thickenesses
  • integrated ball catch/stop option
  • all of our finishes are available – finish list
  • hardware provided with slotted solid brass fasteners finished to match
  • review the harmon hinge 1.75" diagram



Wilmette Hardware History

Wilmette Hardware Walter baron, esq., an attorney who practiced in Chicago, Illinois provided funding for Mr. Burt Allen to start a restoration and plating company in Winnetka, Illinois. Al Bar was founded and these two gentleman later merged with Wilmette Electroplaters (founded in 1937). They moved to our current location in the 1940's. Since then we have acquired Gilbertson's of Chicago, a fine chicago silversmith.

With these combined talents and a desire for both quality and detailed workmanship wilmette hardware was established. Our finishing is completed by hand - the old way - all under one roof in our facilities in Wilmette, Illinois. This allows for much better depth and quality of the finishes you see in our hardware.

G Bettenhausen

Wilmette hardware steps forward under the direction of Gregory Bettenhausen and a team of craftsmen. Greg earned his bachelors degree in business finance from Liberty University in Lynchburg, Virginia and his MBA from Lynchburg College in Virginia. We at Al Bar Wilmette & Wilmette Hardware look forward to including your project in our history.


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Harmon Hinge by Al Bar




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